Monday, 26 August 2013

Watch out Red Riding Hood here comes Red Bear

Ok most of you who know me know am slightly bonkers.  Well after visiting SL's Fashion Week event I had to put this outfit together as there were some funky stuff that i felt was my duty to show you all.

Jacket - Kuma Down Best - ROM

Jeans - Skinny Jeans Red - Chandelle (Got at the Black Fair)

Sleeves -Poke Sleeve - Geek

Suspenders -Unisex Suspenders - SHI

Belt -Sena Skinny Belt - Blueberry

Boots - League Shin Boots - League

Hip Flask -Blow White 17 - Gatcha - The Sea Hole

Hand Flash - Kawaii Flask - Candy Crunchers

Spoon - Desert Bunny - Gatcha -  Auxiliary

Hair - Jaela - Exile

Eye make up - Star - Mons

Lipstick - KMTD - Damned

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